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Bring value to BIM / A New Dimension in Training for South Australia

BuildSA will be a series of seminars run throughout 2016 with a focus on bridging the gap between what BIM promises and how it is actually delivered on projects in South Australia. BuildSA will give industry leading and proven workflow solutions for anyone interested in getting the most out of BIM on projects in Adelaide

Most people would have at least heard of BIM or Building Information Modelling. Whilst this terminology is fairly new for the construction industry, it is actually a well-established method of working in many other industries. Building Information Modelling will change the way buildings are designed and constructed. It is vital that everyone in the industry understands the value of this change.

BuildSA aims to reinforce the work begun by DPTI to develop its position on BIM in the construction industry. DPTI, in association with industry, have developed a strategic direction which anticipates that in the future, output required by the AEC industry will increasingly become information rich. This information has inherent value, not only to end users, but to all participants in the building and construction industry. The value of information is recognised when it is used to optimize existing work practices in a collaborative environment.

There are presently many methods available to industry to produce this information, but adopting BIM and its associated technologies can greatly assist in this process. Understanding this process can deliver real value by increasing efficiencies and productivity to produce information rich content.

BuildSA aims to educate and inform the industry on existing processes and technologies available to industry now which can assist in the development of information rich deliverables for the construction industry. The content being delivered by BuildSA seminars will focus on the production of information which aligns with DPTI’s strategic objectives for the future of BIM in SA. BuildSA will be sponsored and driven by industry associations, educational institutions, commercial vendors and developers of technology solutions and it is the industries role to develop a unified response to the development of BIM in South Australia.

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Learn from the industry experts.

Hear the vital lessons learnt on projects here in SA and abroad from experienced industry leaders in BIM.

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Collaboration and a strong understanding of interoperability is the key to recognising value in BIM.

Maximise your value by learning to optimise current work practices and work together efficiently.

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The output required by the AEC industry on future projects in South Australia will increasingly become information rich.

All participants in the building and construction industry will gain value by adopting BIM and its associated technologies.

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