BIM for all

Democratised BIM – for everyone, not just the ‘experts’! Is it conceivable that everyone on the project from the Owner and the Architect, to head Contractor to the Plumber has access to BIM. Let’s lose the acronym that has become synonymous with

Q: Can BIM really change the Industry? A: It already has!

BIM is often regarded as a “new” technology for the Architecture, Engineering and Construction industry. “New” can be defined in a couple of ways, either: • of recent origin or arrival – as in BIM is the latest development in technology, •

Money for nothing…

What would you pay for information? It isn’t a tangible object, you can’t hold it, sometimes you can’t even use it, but people pay for it all the time. In the gaming community alone in 2011 $3.7 billion was spent on virtual

Where is the value in BIM?

There is a great deal of commentary about the apparent value of BIM. Much discussion revolves around costs associated technology, hardware, licensing, and how this cost is recovered. Are these costs the real impact on value? To address this question I want

RUGSA Presents BuildSA

This is to let you know about an upcoming event for South Australia. Collabor8 SA. Collabor8 SA will be a series of 8 seminars which will focus on the nature of collaboration and how it can be implemented on projects. Seminars will